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Dinis Guarda

Dinis Guarda - citiesabc is a fast growing Youtube Podcast Thought leadership channel focused on profiling global leading inspiring people, leaders, CEOs, authors, technologists, academics. We highlight the ideas, products, inventions, software, books & solutions to the multiple challenges / opportunities we face in our cities / nations with the advent of Society 5.0 digital transformation 4IR AI Blockchain Fintech IoT disruptive tech Dinis Guarda is author of books such as 4IR: AI, Blockchain, Fintech Reinventing a Nation" "How Businesses and Governments can Prosper with Fintech, Blockchain and AI?”, “Blockchain AI Crypto Economics"Dinis Guarda has been listed in global fintech, blockchain, AI, social media industry top influencer in position 5/10/20/100 rankings: Top People In Blockchain by cointelegraph 2019, The Artificial Intelligence Power 100. He is the founder of

Recent Episodes

Robert Sharratt, MD Swiss Insured Banking Savings - Banking, Fintech, Blockchain, DeFIJanuary 20, 2021 Episode artwork Rhona Morrell, Coco Airlie Consulting, Ark2030 UN Initiative, Change ManagementJanuary 19, 2021 Episode artwork Clair Francomano, Leading Professor of Medical & Molecular Genetics - The Future of GeneticsJanuary 15, 2021 Episode artwork Rob Charles Wells - Founder & CEO of Goldfingr - Investor, Serial EntrepreneurJanuary 13, 2021 Episode artwork Jose Graca, Entrepreneur, Business Angel And CEO Bizmoni - How To Become A Successful EntrepreneurJanuary 11, 2021 Episode artwork Maomao Hu, Blockchain, Fintech, AI Entrepreneur And Thought LeaderJanuary 08, 2021 Episode artwork Karl Smith, Polymath, Influencer, Authority UX UI, AI, IoT & Founder Human-Centered Design SocietyJanuary 07, 2021 Episode artwork Alessandro Zamboni Founder & CEO, Supply@Me CapitalJanuary 06, 2021 Episode artwork Tina Jabeen, CEO MD Startup Bangladesh, part of ICT Ministry, Government of BangladeshJanuary 05, 2021 Episode artwork Neil Milliken, Global Head of Accessibility for Atos, Founder AXChat - Technology And AccessibilityDecember 21, 2020 Episode artwork Damu Winston, Founder of,, Future Proof Thinker Thought LeaderDecember 18, 2020 Episode artwork Debra Ruh CEO @RuhGlobal Digital Transformation, Tech, Accessibility - How to Tackle DisabilitiesDecember 16, 2020 Episode artwork Anuj Khanna CEO and Founder - The Future Of Finance - FintechDecember 15, 2020 Episode artwork Babak Behboudi, CEO of Synchronium Group - Innovating Through Blockchain Ecosystems & TechnologyDecember 14, 2020 Episode artwork Jomar Reyes, Founder of Brand Leadership Community - The Future of Branding and CommunitiesDecember 07, 2020 Episode artwork Xavier Gomez Founder and COO at INVYO - The Future of Finance - FintechDecember 04, 2020 Episode artwork Gunjan Bhardwaj Founder and CEO Innoplexus AG - AI Cutting-Edge Data Analytics For HealthTechDecember 03, 2020 Episode artwork Kieu My Doan, Kimiko Vietnam Digital Transformation Frontier Tech Leader Founder YellowBlocksDecember 02, 2020 Episode artwork Efi Pylarinou - Global Leading Author, Influencer - The Present and Future of FintechNovember 28, 2020 Episode artwork Grant Blaisdell, Co-Founder at Coinfirm And Copernic Space And Leading Personality In BlockchainNovember 27, 2020 Episode artwork Simon Hedaux, The Founder Of World-Leading Productivity Company Rethink ProductivityNovember 25, 2020 Episode artwork William Bao Bean General Partner at SOSV, Chinaaccelerator - Changing The Way The Internet WorksNovember 24, 2020 Episode artwork Micah Walker CEO - Effective And Secure Identification And Data ProcessingNovember 20, 2020 Episode artwork Aidan Meller, Gallerist And Visionary Creator Of Ai-Da Robot ArtistNovember 19, 2020 Episode artwork Michael Stanley-Jones - UNEP Ecosystems Integration, UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion SecretariatNovember 18, 2020 Episode artwork