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Lars Seier Christensen, Founder of Saxo Bank and Concordium Blockchain Identity Solution

September 29, 2022 Dinis Guarda Season 1
Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast Series - Powered by citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil
Lars Seier Christensen, Founder of Saxo Bank and Concordium Blockchain Identity Solution
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Show Notes

Lars Seier Christensen is a Danish businessman, entrepreneur, and investor who co-founded what was to become Saxo Bank, a financial multi-asset trading and investment platform and the founder and CEO of Concordium.

After 20 years as co-CEO of Saxo Bank, he stepped down and founded Seier Capital to focus on investments in blockchain projects, including most notably the foundational blockchain protocol, Concordium. As the CEO of Concordium, Lars oversees the company’s development to become the first project to have an innovative user identity layer built-in at the protocol level. Based in Zug, Switzerland, Concordium utilises smart contracts and the cryptographic concept of zero-knowledge proofs, wherein users can verify that something is true without physically seeing the evidence.

Lars Christensen’s passion for the restaurant business drove him to own several gourmet restaurants, most notably Denmark’s first three Michelin star restaurants, Geranium, the hi-tech restaurant Alchemist, and the iconic Cafe Dan Turell in Copenhagen.

Lars Seier Christensen Interview Questions

1. About professional and academic background
2. About Saxo Bank and as a pioneer in FX and trading
2.1 Founding history
2.2 Technology and trading platform
2.3 Culture and ecosystem
3. Views on blockchain, first contact
3.1 Opportunities and challenges for businesses
4. Founding Concordium
4.1 Mission and Vision
4.2 Goals
5. Can you explain to us about the "big migration"? Businesses moving to blockchain
6. Research from Citibank highlights the metaverse could be a $13 trillion industry by 2030. You wrote an article with the CEO of banknote and stamp printer, Royal Joh Enschede, about using secure virtual banknotes in the Metaverse.
7. How do you see the ID in the inception of the data Avatars we are creating that will increasingly get bigger and bigger as the metaverse tech becomes mainstream?
8. The future of Concordium, blockchain and businesses in the context of the metaverse
9. Utility of Concordium in distinguishing between Digital Identity vs Physical identity.
10. About maintaining security in the digital world.
11. Future plans
12. About Seier Capital
13. Advice as a serial entrepreneur and investor.

About Concordium

Concordium is a public-layer 1, science-backed blockchain, designed to balance privacy with accountability through its ID layer. The protocol level ID, ensures that every wallet is associated with a real-world identity that has been verified through a third party ID provider, so that people and companies can trust one another, while remaining private, with zero-knowledge-proof. With safe transactions, Concordium can unlock a global, multi-trillion-dollar economy, so bankers to regulators actually want to use blockchain.

Concordium offers unique and global ID credentials for DeFi degens, metaverse players, and gamers, available to smart contracts, whilst preserving privacy. This, according to them, is the key to the mass migration of web2 to web3 and beyond. 

Concordium’s native coin, CCD, is used for paying transaction fees, staking, rewards for node operators, and as a collateral/settlement medium for Concordium’s DeFi landscape.

With leadership from Volvo, IKEA, Credit Suisse, and 52M EUR raised to date, the team is now scaling the chain to their extensive network of the world's biggest enterprises.

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