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Nicki Hambleton, Apple Distinguished Educator & Founder of NiH Consultancy

April 11, 2023 Nicki Hambleton Season 1
Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast Series - Powered by citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil
Nicki Hambleton, Apple Distinguished Educator & Founder of NiH Consultancy
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Show Notes

Nicki Hambleton  is the Founder of NiH Consultancy and an Apple Distinguished Educator with over three decades of experience in teaching globally. She is an expert in integrating Technology and Art authentically in the classroom and using those for visual note taking. Nicki is also a trained Cognitive Coach and consultant in visual arts, thinking and learning strategies.

She teaches sketchnotes to students and adults through dedicated workshops and presentations and has authored a collaborative eBook on the process of taking notes digitally with other educators.

Nicki Hambleton Interview Topics

1. Please start by telling us a little bit about your background
2. Could you share with us about your earlier career path and your motivations?
3. How can visual note-taking help to reinforce and summarise learning?
4. How can visual note taking be used in collaboration and group settings?
5. What are some strategies for improving visual note taking skills?
6. What techniques can be used to make visual notes more visually appealing and informative?
7. How can visual notes be organized to make them easier to understand?
8. What inspired you to create NiH Consultancy?
9. What is the future of education?

Nicki Hambleton Biography

Nicki did her MA in Education. Her Masters’ thesis focused on the significance of incorporating visual and spatial methodologies for retrieval and notetaking and the effects on long term memory.

After her PG Certificate in Education, Secondary Art Education, Nicki Hambleton did a course in graphic design, and taught art at Primary, MYP, GCSE, IB and A Level. As Head of Expressive Arts, she has also taught at International School of Milan and Lincoln Community School.

Nicki has been teaching internationally for over 30 years in the UK, Italy, Ghana and Singapore. She is an advocate of amalgamating Technology and Art authentically in the classroom and passionate about visual note taking. Her extensive knowledge in communication  design and creativity stems from her background in Graphic Design and love of drawing and she has presented to global audiences through Apple and Learning 2.

From 2010 to 2022, Nicki was a member of the United World College of South East Asia team for 12 years. During her time there, she has successfully risen to the challenge of becoming a leader in her field. She began as Head of Middle School  art, a Digital Literacy Coach and was Head of High School Art from 2018-2022. Nicki is passionate about art and education and is dedicated to helping her students reach their full potential. She is an inspiring leader and mentor and is committed to ensuring that their students have access to the best art education possible.

In November 2022, Nicki started her own business as an educational consultant at NiH Consultancy. The company focuses on discovering the most fitting creative  solution  to client needs.

More about Nicki Hambleton on https://www.openbusinesscouncil.org/wiki/nicki-hambleton

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