Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast Series - Powered by citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil

Gip Cutrino, COO of Runiverse, Thought Leader In Blockchain And Gaming

May 19, 2023 Dinis Guarda Season 1
Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast Series - Powered by citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil
Gip Cutrino, COO of Runiverse, Thought Leader In Blockchain And Gaming
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Show Notes

Dinis Guarda interviews Gip Cutrino, COO of Runiverse, a metaverse gaming platform, in the latest episode of the Dinis Guarda YouTube podcast. The two discuss the mechanics of metaverse gaming and the global challenges it can solve. The podcast is powered by platforms like citiesabc, openbusinesscouncil, fashionabc, and sportsabc.

Gip Cutrino Biography

Gip Cutrino is an Italian entrepreneur and thought leader specialising in blockchain and gaming. He is an experienced team leader and a creative marketer, having collaborated with many leading brands in the digital world.

Currently, he is the COO of Runiverse, a metaverse gaming platform, where he leads product development for an immersive and innovative gaming experience using blockchain technology. In March of 2023, Runiverse announced its collaboration with Polygon, a leading metaverse gaming platform, to bring new events and opportunities to the Gamefi community and thus contributing to the growth and adoption of Web3 gaming.

Gip Cutrino is a  graduate from UCLA, and a former presenter of the Italian show, Le Iene, Gip has focused his career as an entrepreneur in the world of mobile gaming for the last 8 years. For example, Gip was involved in the launch of Eidoo SA, under the flagship of the Poseidon Group during the initial coin offerings (ICOs).

As an influencer and thought leader on blockchain, Gip collaborated with the popular YouTube personality, PewDiePie, on several crypto gaming projects. He has been promoting the potentials of blockchain technology in the gaming industry through his social media networks.

Gip also worked for the entrepreneur and influencer  Gianluca Vacchi advising him on a crypto project focused on telecommunications.

Among his achievements and projects we can find Sgame, a platform where users can play their favourite mobile games while mining tokens. Another gaming app, Wallem, is called the Pokemon Go of crypto. It allows the users to capture tokens and cryptocurrencies while walking around the most important cities in the world. Wallem’s first test was during the ICO Race, with over 100 downloads.

AS COO of Runiverse

Under Cutrino's leadership, Runiverse has become one of the most innovative and engaging metaverse gaming platforms on the market. The platform allows users to challenge each other to races based on the performance of the crypto market, leveraging the unique capabilities of blockchain technology to create a truly immersive gaming experience.

With elements of finance and gaming, Runiverse provides a platform for players to earn rewards and customise their experience. It is powered by their utility token $RUNY. The platform combines blockchain gaming with crypto knowledge, by allowing gamers to translate their crypto knowledge into tangible rewards.
The platform leverages real-time data from Binance, offering a run-to-earn experience where players' speed is determined by market performance. 

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